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 Application Format

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Im so L33T

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PostSubject: Application Format   Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:19 am

Remember People,This is a NON-payed job. You are volunteering. I can do whatever I want if you are a bad mod. And dont be bad around Christmas!

Why Your Applying:
How many Hours:
Can you program?:
What your applying for(Mod, Beta Tester, Advertiser, Cracker):
Other Stuff:

You may be asking, What is a cracker? A cracker is someone who cracks programs and makes them free. Which will be placed in the "Cracked Programs" Section.

My Application would look like this:
Why Your Applying: I love helping people.
How many Hours:3 a day (6 a weekend)
Can you program?:A little. In VB 08
What your applying for(Mod, Beta Tester, Advertiser, Cracker): Owner
Other Stuff: You wwould put other stuff like what sports you play and other stuff.

Make the subject of your application "Application for ______" ___ = What your applying for.
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Application Format
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